Our College

Located in the heart of Hargeisa, Northstar College is a world-class institution with a mission to empower students with practical skills for life.

Our Mission

"Empowering communities with career-oriented courses and programs that enhance life skills for success and better connection with the world."

Our Vision

"To become a premier, world-class college known for its impactful and meaningful programs that are relevant in the real world."

Programs at Northstar College are designed to enhance student lives by preparing them for university education and equipping them with communication and career skills in their communities and beyond.

By offering the highest quality of language learning programs on par with or better than any major international player, NC is well-positioned to become the new local paradigm for English language programs and more. Our commitment to high standards is demonstrated by our:

  • beautiful campus facility
  • outstanding local and international staff and teachers
  • incredible textbooks from world class publishers such as National Geographic
  • dynamic online learning environment
  • forward thinking management
  • reasonable pricing structure
  • commitment to learning outcomes and learner success.

Facilities and Services

  • Convenient locationConvenient location
  • BookstoreBookstore
  • Student clubsStudent clubs
  • CourtyardCourtyard
  • Student café and loungeStudent café and lounge
  • Comfortable classroomsComfortable classrooms
  • Online learning platformOnline learning platform
  • LibraryLibrary
  • Free WiFIFree WiFI
  • Sport ActivitiesSport Activities

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